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Music Together is an early childhood music program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and the adults who love them.  I am a licensed center director and a registered Music Together teacher for mixed age classes.  A mixed age class is a class a child can attend from birth through the age of five.  Each class is  family style learning,  grouping children of different ages.  Each child participates at their own level in singing, moving and dancing.  Younger children love to imitate older children, older children love to lead younger ones.  Music Together also strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.

If you are a family with babies and toddlers, looking for something NEW to do together as a family, looking for a way to meet new families and children in our area, not just dropping the kids off, but STAYING and PARTICIPATING with them, while you learn together, then come to a Music Together class, make new friends (or meet up with familiar ones), and enjoy dancing, singing, and learning together for 45 minutes of PURE FUN once a week.


Latest News

Winter Term at New Location

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW CATSKILL LOCATION at EMPOWERED BODY on West Bridge Street across West Main Street from Cone E Island, near Catskill High School!


Register your children for Winter Term. Classes start January 15, 2019.



One time only new family registration fee is $25. 

Class fee is $200 for the first child in the family, $100 for the second sibling, and $65 for the third sibling. 

First child 9 months and under, fee is $110.

Younger siblings up to 9 months old are free.

We accept cash, check, or most credits cards for payment.



If you are new to Music Together, and would like to attend a FREE demo class with no-obligation "try before you buy" register here. FREE GIFT to each family and child, just for trying us out! 


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